Saturday, November 1, 2008


I love my Imicus! I love EVE in general, and have been playing far too much in the past few days. A childhood friend who is an established miner and industrialist hooked me up with some seed funds, so I have been able to go shopping for training materials. The L1 missions and ratting in 0.7 belts have made a fair bit of ISK too, and even better provided me with some cool modules for free!

Thanks to timely advice from Geaux Tiger, I checked out the Imicus and got a set of drones. I'm currently rocking 2 Hobgoblins and 1 Warrior, and the combo seems very effective against the pirate factions I have tangled with in the missions.

The main problem I have with EVE is that it is so awesome I am not sticking religiously to my plan to train the Learning skills up first. I have now got my basic Drone skills to a decent level, and trained skills so I can rep drone armour as well as my own. I'm not sure I need this micro armor tank, as I have never lost my shield. With my new drone skills, I can hang way back and it seems that most weapons cannot hit me very well when the afterburner is on and I set up an orbit around the nearest enemy.

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  1. Heh. It is hard to resist the temptation. EVE is one of the best at that tempting carrot waggling in front of you that makes you just _that_ much better. My first toon I still haven't trained all the learning skills up. My second toon that I've been playing for a year now _just_ completed all of the learning skills and secondary learning skills to V. I've got Cybernetics training to IV as we speak so I can get level 4 implants (already bought a complete set of them). What is interesting... my alt I started about 9 months after my primary account is likely to pass my primary within another 2 months in total skill points. Moral of story... it is easier to train learning skills on an alt character, but be prepared for the alt character to become your main character before long.