Friday, February 25, 2011

CSM Drama - Millimeters

Winning a spot on the CSM and then rage-quitting because CCP didn't bend over for you in the way your fantasy played out is so lame it is hard to imagine.

If the CSM burned you out, the proper thing to do in respecting those who voted you in is to fade away without drama. Being narcissistic and whiney is beyond tacky, it is offensive to the people who voted you in.

So, to Teabagger, or Teaparty, or whatever your lame self answers to: good riddance.

I am glad Xystance will be a lot more fun for the next CSM. The depths of my anger at this situation can be measured in millimeters. My anticipation at TEST representing on the CSM can be measured in Trollimeters!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

IT crumbling?

The cloakers in our systems in Fountain have assured me that we will soon be swept aside by a tidal wave of clowns. Imagine my surprise when I saw this!

It appears that IT may be selling off SOV in their impenetrable fortress Delve. While this may not be true (It hasn't even hit EVEnews24, the beacon of fair and balanced truth.), there was a story about IT losing moons due to inability to mount any defense today.

Having experienced the Atlas failcascade firsthand, I shouldn't be surprised that IT is so terrible. I can't help being shocked, though. IT was supposedly the biggest and most potent force in EVE. This has been conventional wisdom the entire time I have played the game, though IT was BoB back then. To see that the emperor has no clothes, and no defense ops, has been disappointing.

We needed Fountain more than IT, and we will put the space to good use for our pilots. Seeing another inflated SOV holder losing space that they didn't efficiently use is a very good sign. Why did IT need to hold 4 regions? They didn't. If they sell off Delve sov, they will now hold none, as Querious and Period Basis are also under assault with minimal defense by IT.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am elite PVP. For proof, you must hear my story of clown domination.

First, I have helped shoot four IT or pet stations in Fountain with my Mael, claiming them for the CF cause.

Secondly, I multibox with my carrier at the same time to whore killmails.

Yesterday, I was shooting a POS tower in Fountain with my main in a Mael and my alt in a carrier.

The red non-elite ClownHAC gang swept into the system. I panicked, and focused on getting my carrier to safety.

While this was going on, I absent-mindedly warped my Mael to the station to dock. I landed in a hostile bubble. With aggression! (I couldn't have docked no matter what because of the aggression timer...)

My Mael was sacrificed on the altar of fail. I felt it was fitting that my elite PVP prowess would be demonstrated by such a glowingly successful alliance as IT.

From the clown trolls in local, my act of fail has invigorated IT to such a frenzy that they will now sweep through Fountain and rout us back to Osmoden. I apologize to my great brethren in TEST and the CF for altering the course of our noble war due to my lack of attention to my poor battle-scarred Maelstrom!

TEST Diplo Map leaked!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get a backbone!

Here's a shout out to the awesome pilots who are working hard to build ships, fuel POS', ship capital fuel to the battlefront, and move ammo for the rest of us to shoot at clowns!

We are working hard to liberate a homeland for our intrepid industrialists to set up a hive of activity that will carry us forward to some future insanely funny fail!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fountain Progress

TEST is pushing hard in Fountain. We are now showing on the map in Fountain:

Unless IT steps up their defense, I think we will see major sov changes over the next few weeks in Fountain. We are very happy to have taken the Chimera constellation to get things started. With 4 stations in Cluster control, it would be very hard for IT to kick us out of Fountain with US timers. We have consistently dominated in every timezone, and IT has tried both EURO and DT.

Next stop:

Lastly, Sir Molle was captured in a discussion with a PL diplo: