Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fair is fair

In all fairness, after my last scathing complain-post, this does look pretty amazing:

Greyscale or Numskull?

CCP has smartly managed to reverse any positivity that might have been created by Fanfest by announcing CCP Greyscale's plan to ruin anomalies in huge tracts of nullsec so that there will be "more reasons to fight." Instead of the obvious path of boosting the better systems while leaving the current as baseline, CCP has decided to slash huge tracts of nullsec. They want to slice anomalies out of Providence and Cloud Ring, as well as many other regions. These examples are two regions with HUGE turnovers in occupation and serious war history since Dominion. The proposed reason for CCP's changes do not hold water.

This nerf, combined with the other recent anti-null sec rumblings from CCP have me very sad about the game. They somehow want us to play space barbie instead of shooting each other's spaceships. I have no problem with someone else playing space barbie all they want, but that is not why I log into EVE.

The proof will be in the end result. I think CCP realizes that the casual space barbie crowd will add subscriptions and make them more money. They are abandoning the soul of EVE, which is PVP. I could ramble on, but you can check the first few pages of the threadnaught for a good collection of reasons why a huge majority of us nullsec denizens hate this newest terrible move. (This probably was endorsed by the "excellent" current CSM who have already demonstrated their understanding and appreciation of nullsec life and PVP so clearly.)

I may sound mad, but I'm really not terribly upset because I have consulted the Oracle. She has given me a Black Prophecy about a Perpetuum of Knights from an Old Republic that exists a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Help us sensible Devs, you are our only hope.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pandemic Contagion

Some of Pandemic Legion's spai alts have been published. If you are in a PVP corp, it would be worth checking the list to see if you have been infiltrated.

Here's a thread with more details and drama.

I am sure it will only take PL a few months to replicate their infiltration, but for the next few weeks they may have to engage on more uncertain terms.

Don't forget to vote for CSM! I am hoping to see more 0.0 representation in the next cycle, and voted correspondingly. TEST has endorsed White Tree. Goons are officially backing The Mittani and Vile Rat.

It looks like nullsec representation is good in candidates, but we will see if the voting blocks are successful at overpowering the uncoordinated masses. If you don't vote, you can't complain when the NC/CF gets all the seats and pushes onward to universal blue status with NAPS in every dimension and soul crushing carebear stares from every POS.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

CSM spins around again.

CSM is back again. Between White Tree and The Mittani himself, I am delighted at the excellent choices. Here is a promo video of General Windypops railing against the NC in his CSM ticket entry:

A fun CSM quote from EVEDreddit:

This is how the CSM works:

Winners of a popularity contest get free holiday in Iceland.

These people who have no understanding of software development or running a business speak with devs, demand that everything wrong with the game be fixed immediately.

CCP nods, smiles, gives murmurs of encouragement and waves them goodbye.

CCP then tout the CSM as an example of their responsiveness and transparency with the playerbase, before going back to do whatever it was they were going to do anyway.