Monday, December 21, 2009

Warlords and fiefdoms

So far, I am loving 0.0! I am learning about the complex politics in null-sec, but am basically still clueless. Being in a smaller alliance that makes use of an ATLAS station, I would give props to the big dogs in my area. There are plenty of small alliances interspersed in ATLAS space. In return for protection and a small chunk of space, we utilize ATLAS stations for refining, trade, and hangar access. This activity generates ISK for ATLAS and serves as a very mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties. It all feels very feudal!

In the recent Gal Net article, the reporter mentions that ATLAS' stated intention is "To create and maintain an environment in which smaller alliances can enjoy a nullsec presence." Looking around in my neck of null-sec, I see ATLAS doing just that. It makes me feel good to know that every time I sell a ship or buy some drones, I am helping support a very useful system.

Given how hard it can be to get out into 0.0, I hope ATLAS is able to foster many more small alliances. It really is the best place to be in New Eden! I am actually surprised that all the big alliances aren't scrambling to bring smaller alliances out to nullsec and get them set up in Sov space. The more people, the more activity, the more upgrades, the more ISK and minerals flowing for everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dominion again!

After a month in a C6 WH, I am adrift again. This time I am headed to deep null-sec to spend time with the Gangrel Mining and Security Corp. These guys seem like an ideal balance for me of being laid back, being cool with the PVE, and being willing to train up newb PVP pilots.

I am excited to see how the new Sovereignty mechanics pan out. Stay tuned for updates when I manage to get settled in out there in the deeps of space. I look forward to putting my scanning skills to use exploiting the new Dominion 0.0 resources!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Dominion has brought fresh treats to EVE. The new in game browser is amazing and speedy like a real browser should be. (I am blogging this from Moondoggie!) The 0.0 changes will be interesting to follow, though I am insulated from that a bit due to my WH occupation.

On that note, I have jumped into a new WH corp: Capital Construction Research (CCRES)

So far it has been exciting to move from a C2 to a C6 WH! It is also a huge learning curve. Luckily the CCRES folks are super organized and have a working system implemented. They are also very cool individuals.

We could use a few more US West Coast pilots if any readers are interested.