Friday, July 10, 2009

Summertime Rolls

Still alive.

Still playing EVE.

My first corp imploded, with the CEO and all my favorite players dropping out over a week or so in late winter. I was only in the corp for about 3 months, so I wasn't privy to the backstage drama that triggered the exodus.

Luckily, I re-connected with a childhood friend who was a director in a well-established empire corp. I joined up, and have been enjoying my new home since then. I am not doing PVP yet, but am having fun developing Industrial skills and doing some missions. I still trade now and then, when I have time to do the research and wrestle with the hardcore market fiends.

I also relocated to Minmatar space to be close to corp activities. I miss the Gallente stations, but overall am happy as an expat!

I am only now finishing up the skill plan I developed last fall. I have, of course, developed ideas for the next phase. Because I started as Intaki with sick Mem/Int, I am focusing on non-ship or PVP skills for now. I will eventually respec my attributes to enable faster ship skill training with higher Per/Will.

My overall verdict:

Eve is fun, and it gets better and better as time goes by.