Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am elite PVP. For proof, you must hear my story of clown domination.

First, I have helped shoot four IT or pet stations in Fountain with my Mael, claiming them for the CF cause.

Secondly, I multibox with my carrier at the same time to whore killmails.

Yesterday, I was shooting a POS tower in Fountain with my main in a Mael and my alt in a carrier.

The red non-elite ClownHAC gang swept into the system. I panicked, and focused on getting my carrier to safety.

While this was going on, I absent-mindedly warped my Mael to the station to dock. I landed in a hostile bubble. With aggression! (I couldn't have docked no matter what because of the aggression timer...)

My Mael was sacrificed on the altar of fail. I felt it was fitting that my elite PVP prowess would be demonstrated by such a glowingly successful alliance as IT.

From the clown trolls in local, my act of fail has invigorated IT to such a frenzy that they will now sweep through Fountain and rout us back to Osmoden. I apologize to my great brethren in TEST and the CF for altering the course of our noble war due to my lack of attention to my poor battle-scarred Maelstrom!


  1. There is no such thing as an aggression timer that will prevent you from docking for fifteen minutes. But on the phd chance that there is, I'd love to know what it is.

  2. for clarification:

    The cannot dock timer is 1 minute. The cannot log out timer is 15min.

    Thanks for pointing out my error (will edit). I was dead in less than a minute at any rate. Gotta love 38 vs. One!