Monday, November 17, 2008

Vive EVE Blogroll!

One of the most captivating things about EVE is that it is a sandbox. What this means for people accustomed to playing narrative driven games is that EVE is about player created stories and player created drama. CCP provides the tools and environment, while players provide the economic dynamics and political machinations that define the New Eden experience.

The window that drew me into the drama in EVE was the EVE Blog Pack, managed by CrazyKinux. This is a stalwart group of 30 dedicated and talented writers who have been chronicling the human dynamics within New Eden. There are writers who focus on teaching, writers who stay in character as their pilot in EVE, and writers who provide an experiential subjective description of their exploits in EVE.

The blogging community in EVE is welcoming and rapidly expanding. This interest in writing about the alternate reality experience manifested by so many EVE players piqued my interest in EVE. It takes a living, vital phenomenon to inspire so much creativity amongst its players. My time in EVE has verified this truth, and it has been fun to dip into writing about this virtual universe that is constantly evolving and deepening.

I am delighted to now be listed on CrazyKinux's EVE Blogroll, which is currently sporting 121 members. I have no doubt that this number will continue to grow along with EVE over the next few years. The creativity and excitement that these bloggers bring to their virtual experience inspires me. I feel honored to be able to explore this terrain with such interesting and passionate individuals!

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