Sunday, November 9, 2008


Barack Obama's beautiful win in the US Presidential election will go down in history as monumental. The second election for EVE Online's CSM (Council of Stellar Management) may be slightly less impactful. However, it is a great gesture by CCP to formalize and democratize player feedback. In addition, I am certain that interacting with CSM members is less annoying for the Devs than reading through whine and groan posts on the forums to "take the player's pulse."

Even though I am too new to the New Eden universe to vote in this election, I still wanted to contribute by offering a newb's perspective to this election. Following are my endorsements for the next CSM term:




Eva impressed me with her balanced focus on evolving game-play. I like her ideas regarding fleshing out the Factional Warfare system, as well as her support for industrial players. Eva demonstrated a willingness to listen to other's ideas during the first CSM, and I feel she is a great choice overall.


LaVista Vista

Conservative Shenanigans Party(CSPTY)

Charlie is also a CSM veteran, and he demonstrated a great willingness to collaborate and seek out player input on the issues. He brings a balanced focus between Industry and PVP to the table, and was one of the best liked personalities on the original CSM.

United States




My endorsement of Brian is based on his involvement with the 0.0 metagame. He will bring an interesting perspective to the CSM, and I feel his ideas on UI improvements and better NPC interactions are very good!

Here's to wishing that EVE will continue to benefit from CCP's choice to involve players in the planning stages of game design through the CSM!

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