Monday, November 10, 2008

Buy low, sell dangerously!

Sedona almost got ganked in 0.3 space by a pair of Ravens. Luckily, he remembered to warp to 0 and jump back to higher sec immediately. The Ravens were jamming or blocking his warp initially, but he finally managed to successfully warp his ship to the gate back to higher sec. The Raven flock arrived at the gate just as he managed to pull off the jump. No shots were fired, but it got Sedona's blood pumping! If he had been on autopilot or not warped to 0 on the gate, he would have been toast as it would have taken too long to pull off the jump... The multiple wrecks in the area were another indication that he might have been in danger!

Sedona had earlier lost a ship (ouch, an expensive Tristan!) on a mission in the same 0.3 area, and had noticed that there were no shuttles for sale in the system. The nearest shuttles were 4 jumps away, costing about 5 times what you would pay in highsec Gallente space!

We now have a potential ISK generating opportunity identified. Our plan is for me to get into a cloaker Helios to spy for safety while Sedona pilots an Iteron (IV probably) to the low sec base. We also may ask a friend to help us by webbing the Iteron so it will warp even faster. We will be paying attention to times that seem to be less busy to maximize our odds of sneaking into a low-sec base full of overpriced (or dangerously priced) cargo!

With a little luck, and provided there is a demand for the goods we bring in, we can make a bit of ISK trading dangerously!

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