Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I managed to spend a few hours with EVE yesterday, getting through the intro tutorial.  I hope I remember some of the basics that the tutorial covered.  Even on the classic client, the EVE universe is beautiful!  I actually really liked the design of the Gallantean newb ship, the Velator.

I chose military/special forces which gave me a good start in drone skills and electronics.  After researching more, I realized that the Helios doesn't make a good cloaker/EWAR platform.  The Helios will make a fine scout or a good platform for using sensors, but to combine stealth with EWAR I will need to save for an Arazu.  I haven't plugged the Arazu into EveMon yet, but I have a feeling it will be a LONG time before I get one of those going with four level 5 skill requirements.

In the short term, I will be focusing on two paths.  For grouping with my brother, Sedona, I hope to get into a Maulus and focus on EWAR and maybe a few drones.

Solo mission running presents a quandary:  Do I try to leverage my drone skills and try an Imicus, which has the biggest drone capacity and bandwidth for Gallantean frigates, or do I try an Incursus and leverage my starting skills in small hybrid turrets?  I have no idea how effective drones are vs. straightforward shooting at the frigate level, but for now I am leaning towards the Incursus, which has more slots and seems tougher and quicker.

So far, EVE has been a blast!  I am not disappointed, which is saying a lot given that I have been obsessed with the game for months...


  1. Ok, first off its outstanding that you got into the game and are enjoying it. Glad you picked up EVEmon also as that program is worth its weight in internet gold. Good start with special forces. Gallente excel at drones and you'll learn to love them.

    Now for some PvE advice:
    Forget about Ewar against npcs. It just doesn't work (except energy vampires). Imicus is a good ship for doing level 1 missions when you have the starting skills of special forces. You should only be a few days away from using tech 2 drones and they melt NPCs easily; especially if you train up combat drone operation a bit. I personally used drones exclusively to do missions until I was well into level 3 missions. I didn't even train above small blasters until I hit level 3 missions. As for ships, you can go Imicus, Vexor, Myrmidon to use your drones to thier best advantage. Relying on drones will also allow you to mount remote repairing modules to repair your partners tank or your own drones.

    Hoped this helped some. If you have any questions, evemail my character Varnoka or Geaux Tiger and I'll try the best I can.

  2. Wow, thanks for the awesome info! It looks like I will be ordering an Imicus and focusing on drones and remote repair! I'll update as things develop.