Sunday, October 19, 2008

Virtual Identities

Developing virtual characters is part of the fun in MMO game play. One can specialize in min-max stats, in roleplaying, hanging out and goofing off, or any combination of human behavior that can be filtered through a digital avatar in a virtual space.

Oblib Jaggins is my burglar in LOTRO, and my "main." I was an alt-oholic in GW, but as my game time can be limited due to real life concerns these days, I have focused on one main toon in LOTRO. As you can see from LOTRO's character profile banner, O is very developed as a crafter. The craft skills help provide the in-game income necessary for housing upkeep and other sundry purchases.

Playing a Burglar in LOTRO is great fun! They are very tough, as they can stealth when needed to avoid doom. Burgs also have debuffs, crowd control, and the ability to trigger Felowship Maneuvers when in a group. They have decent DPS, and are always welcome in group situations. The only downside to such great versatility is that Burgs use a ton of skills and require signficant attention and awareness to maximize their effectiveness. This is not a class for the push auto-attack and snooze crowd!

My monster alt is also a stealthy sort, although Wargs have no CC in LOTRO. They are gank/DPS specialists, and are sure to strike fear in squishy targets like Minstrels and Lore-Masters. Wargs are most effective as scouts or in packs, but there are also plenty of expert lone-wolfs out in the Ettenmoors.


  1. My main Is JB in EVE online - I think I am a loud mouth, and a troublemaker. :-)

  2. Load mouthed troublemakers are essential for entertainment! Thanks for visiting!