Monday, October 27, 2008

Ready to rock it!

I found an awesome character generation tool at EVE-Guides and I have decided upon the background and starting skills my fledgling New Eden explorer will have. (Character code 211111102030 if you want to check it out)
For others contemplating the jump into EVE Online, I found an awesome Guide to Skills and Attributes at the essential This article also goes through an optimized way to train Learning skills for those who want to invest in more long term skill acquisition efficiency.

I ended up with an Intaki reborn instead of an artist to capitalise on the mega memory. While Mimatar and Caldari seem popular on the EVE blogging circuit, I like the Gallantean philosophy and dystopian democratic freedom oriented culture. Thanks to Kirith Kodachi for reassuring me about going for aesthetics over min/maxing!

My brother, Sedona, is planning on creating a Gallantean counterpart to my Intaki. While I am going for a military career with special forces training (Helios here I come!), he is going military with soldier specialization to focus more on tanking/DPS. We are looking forward to seeing how we will synergize in missions and maybe later in PVP! We think we can start running missions and learning the ropes fairly quickly with these choices. I will be adding Industrial skills later, while Sedona plans on focusing on Trade.
P.S. Downloading the EVE client right now! I will probably not have time to install until later this week.

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