Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Sleepers have gone back to bed

I am enjoying a breather from W-space as I work on accessing Lvl 4 research agents for my Industrial plans.  The thing that most strikes me is how easy it is to live in high sec.  No need to spam the directional, I can drone boat my missions with impunity, and I can use autopilot when working on logistics.  The lack of need for constant scanning is also nice, hopefully the corp UI will be updated with shared corp bookmarks soon!  I wouldn't want to stay here indefinitely, but a breather in High Sec can be refreshing!
My training continues toward flying a Drake, as the Myrmidon is too much trouble for Sleepers.  After losing too many drones even with close management, I am selling out for a passive shield tanked missile boat.  It is unfortunate that CCP gimped Gallente boats so severely towards Sleepers, but that is why we pod pilots can always benefit from cross training as the winds of Nerf change our course.  I am splitting the Drake plan with Science skills related to my invention schemes.
Given my preference for non-high sec living, I am hoping that Dominion seriously opens opportunities for Industrialists with teeth to move in and exploit the new system development environment in 0.0.  For the time being, I can function well with the small industrial base we have set up in W Space.  If we need more than 2 Large POS, we can always grab another moon in the system!  I think the upcoming treaty system will be very helpful for increasing 0.0 occupation.  Until then, I am guardedly optimistic that the Dominion changes will be helpful. 
With POS no longer tied to sovereignty, access to POS for corps moving into 0.0 may increase.  If the holding Alliance can benefit from increased population in a system, why not invite in Industrial corps and set them blue to the main Alliance?  Even if this happens, there are still problems with exploiting POS for industry.  Part of the challenge is the permissions limitations that POS currently have.  We need MUCH more control over POS settings...  For example, a corp should be able to give a player control over 1 POS, without risking blueprints in all the other active POS by having to give out general permissions.  There should also be more control over anchoring and accessing storage.  The POS "owner" should also be able to "lock" all anchorings and settings with a password, to decrease the ease of corp theft that limits utilization of POS in large corps...

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  1. Yes, there definitely needs to be finer-grained permissions on POS anchors and hangars, which also really means controlling the permissions needs to be made easier too.