Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CSM Voting

I dissed http://match.eve-csm.com on Twitter for launching the site ages ago, and then not being available to actually use.  This was a bit of fail on the admin, as you can't count on people returning to your site if it doesn't work at launch.
The Massively feature on the CSM triggered me to check out the match site today.  I was actually blown away by how useful the info was.  It prompted me to change my two votes to people who will better represent my views.  I was surprised to see that my previous choices had voted on "deal-breaker" topics in ways that I would not support.  If you haven't already voted, check out EVE Vote Match and find out who will have your back in the upcoming CSM!
I hope this tool becomes standard for future elections.  Hopefully the CSM members can help with adding pertinent questions for issues that develop prior to the next election.


  1. I voted for Logit Probit even though it didn't match on EVE Vote Match

  2. You should certainly vote for your best choice, regardless of the Vote Match site. I was just surprised that my third choice prior to looking at the site was actually a much better representative for my play style and the direction I would like to see Eve headed.

    For the record: I voted TeaDaze.