Friday, November 20, 2009

Oracle of EVE (EON contest)

Late in 2010, after the changes in Dominion and Dominion 1.5 have led to the collapse of the biggest old 0.0 power blocs, Mynxee of the Hellcats decides that a true warrior queen requires a Kingdom. The Hellcats conquer a constellation in 0.0 with help from a unified pirate alliance. The pirates enlist subjugated carebears to farm and develop the pirate controlled constellation. To force carebears into submission, project Hulkageddon is intensified and it becomes safer and more profitable to rent protected space from the pirate occupiers than to risk suicide attacks in Empire. From their protected 0.0 base, the pirates wreak havoc in neighboring low-sec systems. 0.0 neighbors, intimidated by the pirate boldness and constant small gang attacks, strike non-aggression pacts with the pirates which allows them to consolidate their power. The pirates' increased wealth and projected power leads to low-sec domination. Moving goods into 0.0 becomes much more difficult unless one has paid for favorable standings with the pirates. The graft and bribery provide a strong positive feedback loop, encouraging the Hellcats to expand their alliance and lock down more and more space.

The organized crime approach to government works surprisingly well. Pirates enjoy a passive income from the renters which keeps them in ships and modules for pew and yarr. Renters enjoy upgraded Industrial space with coherent protection and access to the increased 0.0 rewards implemented in Dominion 1.5. This innovative model begins to catch on, and the last old-school empty space holding Alliances begin to be out-competed by synergistic Industrial/Muscle arrangements. Things are not totally settled, however. There are grumblings amongst carebears about tax rates and oppression. These new 0.0 denizens are becoming tougher and more skilled with each month. It is only a matter of time before some of these Industrialists join forces in rebellion and attempt to form capitalistic Industrial kingdoms, providing their own muscle from the legions of hardening carebears who have flocked to null-sec's seductive draw. Small regional conflict is often influenced by mercenary forces made up of the expert PVP players from the collapsed empty space moon-goo alliances. These players now make huge profits as elite capital ship warfare specialists for hire. As always, the traders smile as war and destruction inevitably bring increased profits and opportunities for the intelligent to exploit!

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