Friday, November 6, 2009

Pirate Bases

1. It is annoying that some pirate factions are located in null sec, where only the holding alliance can easily interact with their agents. 
2.  Low Sec needs love.
I have an idea for secret pirate stations in 0.1 systems.  The idea is that the Pirate factions have managed to create thriving outposts on the borders of Empire space, taking advantage of space that is not heavily contested by capsuleer alliances, nor heavily patrolled by Concord or the Empires.
These stations would not show up on the overview.  You would have to scan them down, or be given the location by someone in the know.  The location could either remain fixed, or periodically relocate to a new secret location requiring probes to scan down.  In station there would be a (black) market that would only be available locally.  These stations would be welcoming to pirates on a criminal timer, and might even shoot those without appropriate pirate faction standing. 
In station, you have the usual repair facilities, clone facilities, faction store, etc.  Some of the factions might even have research labs.  Each station would have several pirate agents.  I am thinking about a density of about one pirate station per low-sec region, as the ability to dock while on a criminal timer could be unbalancing if too available.
These stations could become very interesting with Incarna.  (I could see the Hellcats Pub in one, for example!)  They would also be attractive market hubs for contraband, which will hopefully be expanded with the "Corruption" changes that have been hinted to come.
Any thoughts on the idea? 

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