Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am grinding out missions to get lvl 4 Research agents. Until today, this process has been brainless. I could practically AFK every Lvl 2 mission I ran, and the first 5 Level 3s were likewise simple.

Today The Blockade kicked my butt. Twice.

I managed to lose not one, but TWO Myrmidons on this mission. Yes, I am probably a moron. I was certainly hubristic about mission running! I know the general consensus is that missions are mind numbing and boring. I agree with that idea mostly, but today I got pwned. Twice.

I am still not sure what caused all the waves to spawn at once, but I can vouch that it really sucks when that happens! I really hope my current round of invention is highly profitable as I need to recharge the ISK!

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