Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skill progress

In a few months I'll hit my 1 year mark in EVE, as I started playing right before the Quantum Rise expansion was released. I started very slowly, playing a lot of LOTRO in the early months while I trained up all the Learning skills. Since then I have focused on training the basics and I can fly Assault Frigs, Cov Ops, and regular ships up to BattleCruisers at 17 million SP. I have focused on Drones, starting with Special Ops ( in the old system of picking a starting profession that has been replaced) which gave me a head start on Drones.

Starting as an Intaki Reborn, my Intelligence and Memory were skewed very high. I am currently trying to train the vast majority of skills requiring these attributes on my skill plan before I remap my attributes to favor Perception and Willpower. This has led me to delay serious training into Cruisers or Battlecruisers, only taking these skills to level 3.

Having recently moved into WH space, I am now aware of a distinct need to bump up my skills in ships, and especially gunnery. Being a drone specialist was great on regular missions, but the sleepers are a bit too hard on drones! That's too bad, because I have really enjoyed the playstyle with drone operation.

I have invested heavily in Science skills and am hoping this will pay income dividends into the future. My Science plans have been put on the backburner for now given the increased profits that can be found in WH space.

My current EVE Mon plan runs to 8/22/2010 and that doesn't include blockade runners which I think would be very useful for WH residence. I think it is funny and amazing that it will take me 2 years of training to get the basic general skills in place. This includes training all the shield and armor compensations, blaster and railgun specializations, etc. I also have the Stealth Bomber on my plan, having already trained Cov Ops. Being deficient in missile skills will make the bomber take a bit longer than I wish...

I'll try to give a more coherent overview of my skills and training direction at the 1 year mark. The depth of EVE and robustness of possibility space therein ensures that one's skill plans never stagnate! Hopefully tech 3 ships will be much more affordable by the time I can fly them.

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