Friday, September 25, 2009

More warm bodies!

Last night was wormhole logistics, as my IRL brother is joining the Corp at our WH POS. I scanned an exit with only 3 jumps through quiet low sec. We then spent a huge amount of time planning what modules he should bring in to allow for flexible fits for Sleepers and for PVP.

As an aside, I really cannot wait for the upgraded in game browser! Being able to browse battleclinic fittings without alt-tabbing out will be pure win! With the collective wisdom at battleclinic, I have been playing around with different Myrmidon fittings against the sleepers. I am getting much more comfortable solo, but still prefer the fleet approach!

I also sold my first batch of salvage, which made me enough ISK to cover my T2 Myrmidon and buy 5 more skills!

All is going well with our WH ops. We occasionally get ganked, but the risk/reward works out pretty well with basic precautions taken.


  1. Hiya - excellent blog :)
    Good to hear that the WH ops are going nicely, and that the ISK is rolling in.
    Did you and your corp find your WH home through a hi-sec entry? Or did you haul the POS and set-up through into low-sec first, before scanning down a suitable WH? Just that WHs found from hi-sec tend to be quite populated and harvested.

  2. We went in from High sec. For some reason, the High sec links have been very remote for the most part. Pirates have swung through a few times, but for the most part the WH is very quiet. We had been saving some sites and not scanning them to 100% to increase the spawn of anomalies, but recently a group came though an adjoining WH and cleared things out. We are down to just a few sites right now... Hopefully things will respawn! We usually have a WH link to either a Class 2 or 3, so we raid neighboring WH to get good sites.