Thursday, September 17, 2009

Excuse me while I frag the sky!

All the EVE Dust buzz has me jonesing for a Planetside fix. I was seriously hoping after the EVE FPS buzz from fanfest last year that CCP would surprise us with a Planetside layer added to the existing space focused EVE content.

During the heyday, massive battles in Planetside were epic! Defending a base from a massive zerg, roaming in Magrider wolfpacks, and bombing the hell out of infantry ants remain favorite gaming memories.

CCP has expressed a desire to focus on building emergence into their games, but it appears that they have chosen to focus Dust into a smaller map format. I hope I am misunderstanding the snippets of game info I have seen so far, because the emergent chaos that would erupt in Planetside was phenomenal. I firmly believe CCP could really do a massive FPS right.

SOE failed to give Planetside the dev love it needed to remain a great game. They never fixed the bases or changed mechanisms to make the game more fun and less of a zergfest. Planetside and EVE came out around the same time and look at the huge difference in post release development!

My new hope is that CCP will decide to make an FPS component for EVE after Dust runs its course on the current gen consoles. I sincerely hope that they look to Planetside for cues on combining air and ground vehicles with infantry in a tactically complex manner that is able to influence SOV. Of course, if CCP makes it, it will likely be deeper and more intelligent with a good likelihood of long term development and support! I can't help but dream about what would be to me the perfect game!

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