Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goodbye Goonswarm

Goonfleet and Goonswarm are dead, at the hands of Goonfleet CEO Karttoon. In another twist of fate only possible in EVE's sandbox of chaos, the irritated CEO who forgot to pay the Goon SOV bill causing the loss of Delve decided to strike at his angered Goons and destroyed their Alliance while pocketing obscene amounts of ISK.
Darius J is now re-taking the spiritual leadership of the Goons and they will reform in no time as a new entity. I expect Goons will be back to their shenanigans within a few weeks under a new name, BoB style.
Ex-Goonswarm pilots emulating ex-BoB pilots after getting screwed over by a Goon. This stuff keeps me from even looking at new shallower Sci-fi games like STO. No Dev team can make this drama up. I think the butterfly has been working overtime since Dominion rocked the world.

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