Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Feudal future

A quick poll of the #Tweetfleet on whether Dominion has increased Null sec density returns a resounding NO.  This is a contrast to the region I am in, which has seen a significant population increase since Dominion hit the scene.  I think the massive turbulence that has hit 0.0 with Dominion is to blame for the lack of increased density in most regions. 
The reason my region has seen population growth is stability.  We renters are protected by a powerful PVP alliance which allows us to focus on growth and development of our systems.  With several Sov systems heavily upgraded, we can support a large amount of Industry and PVE.  The upgraded systems are great for these pastimes, providing a huge income boost with Anomalies and Radar/Grav/Mag sites. 
Recruiting PVP players remains a priority, even for renters. A fair percentage of new arrivals, myself included, are enjoying getting into fleet PVP ops with our Alliance.  As we are NEWBs to PVP, we could not cut it yet in a dedicated PVP alliance.  You have to learn somewhere, and many renter corps are delighted to train new killers.  
I think the renter model is the gateway to increased null-sec density that Dominion will bring to regions that are under stable control.  Bringing people in to "farm" upgraded systems provides huge benefits to the Liege alliance.  You have an increased militia for CTA.  Even if they are not expert PVPers, anyone can sick some drones on an enemy ship and be helpful in defense ops.  As some renter alliances develop, they will actively patrol the local areas, increasing security for resource utilization and cynos for the Liege alliance. 
A bigger benefit comes from developed markets which will tend to happen when you let industrialists roam free.  This benefits PVP players with access to mods/ammo/rigs/ships out in the 0.0 hinterlands.  The biggest benefit to the Liege alliance is the tremendous income a dominated region can bring in rental fees and station fees and taxes.  What power-bloc Alliance couldn't find a use for those extra Billions? 
It will be interesting to see if IT makes use of this trend in their new space, or if they just hold onto it in the old low-density fashion.  Will the extra income and benefits from renting systems be worth the extra trouble for the big fish?  The playing field has been changed, it is now time to see what system will be most fit for 0.0 survival.  As we watched CVA get rolled by a premier PVP Alliance, it becomes evident that Dominion is not going to allow small alliances or big carebear alliances to survive in 0.0 without protection.  The price for holding space is being a big, bad, focused PVP force capable of waging high level warfare tactics. 
I am excited to see whether the Alliances who are actively trying to bring new pilots into 0.0 by renting space will find a competitive advantage against the Alliances stuck in a pre-Dominion mentality.  Will the Feudal model be successful?  My instinct is yes, but time will tell.

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  1. Jaggins regardless of what the tweetfleet says I think it HAS done as expected and brought more people into 0.0 (I think this is exactly what is starting to happen now) so it was not immediate but how else can you explain all the alliances now inside -A-, TCF, Razor, IT, etc etc. They are all renters and as such I think that 0.0 populations will grow...