Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bloodlust Backlash

Since moving to 0.0, I have had the delight of getting to PVP on a regular basis. While not particularly skilled or talented in that arena, I find the Pew exquisitely entertaining.

My newfound bloodlust caused me some grief tonight, however. We had an incursion of neuts and in my haste to join the rapid response fleet, I forgot that I was in my clone with +4s that I keep at the station I do my production and market stuff at.

Distracted by my 2 year old almost waking from his nap on the monitor, I warped to the wrong gate, got behind the fleet, and got picked off by a sneaky cloaky strike force at a gate my fleet had just warped past. (The sneaky bastards were too smart to engage the fleet, they wisely waited to gank the straggler instead!)

So far in learning PVP I am down a Vexor and a Thorax. Despite my losses, I am feeling comfortable to now fly a Brutix when the FC calls for bigger ships! Hopefully this sad tale will remind some other pilot to check that JC before joining their CTA...

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