Monday, February 8, 2010

Blog Banter Contest Winners

With 56 entries, the last Blog Banter contest was a huge success.

Despite a major snafu with terrible formatting in the initial post through Gmail, Crazy Kinux gave me the benefit of the doubt and selected this blog as one of the 10 winners:

  1. 1st Prize - $100 in EVE Store merchandise: Wench with a Wrench

  2. 2nd Prize - $50 in EVE Store merchandise: Don't Fear the Mutant

  3. 3rd Prize- $25 in EVE Store merchandise: Into the unknown with gun and camera

  4. 4th Prize - $25 in EVE Store merchandise: Sered's Lives

    And the following bloggers each win a 14 Day EVE Time Code:

  5. FlashFresh
  7. Vive Virtual
  8. Why do I love EVE Online
  9. An Extremely Complicated Survival Machine
  10. Ecliptic Rift

Thanks for coordinating the contest, CK! I really enjoyed reading through the amazing entries. I also found a few more excellent EVE blogs to subscribe to, which is a nice bonus.

(You can reach me at: Jagginsi0i(at)

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