Friday, January 28, 2011

IT gets saved by CCP

We had several IT Titans and Supercaps bubbled before downtime this AM. Strangely, many of the bubbles around only the IT supercaps, but not the station or other POS that we had caged, disappeared when the servers came back up allowing the Titans to jump out.

This was very very suspicious because we can't figure out why IT Titan pilots would even think to log into a known caged POS immediately after downtown with cynos ready since the stations should have been bubbled and jumps impossible to execute. This appears to be an inside job, I hope CCP internal affairs will investigate what happened in this case. If it is just a bug, it is a huge stretch that it only affected bubbles anchored around IT supercaps.

We are working very hard to lock-down IT's main system in Fountain, and letting those Titans get away because of either foul play by CCP employees or a bug is frustrating. Camping a system 24/7 isn't easy and we don't appreciate losing those Titan kills because the bubbles we anchored disappeared. We had scouts on the bubbles up until downtime, so there is no way an IT spy was able to offline them before the server went down.

Despite this setback, we are achieving our objective of holding the system. The final battle for the 6VDT station is this weekend. IT has hired Pandemic Legion, so we are expecting a massive hardcore fight! (From PL, IT seems to be out of steam.)


  1. To quote the Mittani:

    Gentlegoons, I have awoken to discover that - mere hours before we destroy their staging towers and turn them into true rapecages - selective supercap towers had an 'oops' with our bubbles abruptly being offlined at downtime, and that IT supercap pilots just so happened to be prepared to take advantage of this. My rage knows no bounds, as the timing and selectivity of this abrupt 'bug' brings to mind memories of the dark times in 2007; my fevered brain is maddened once more by the thought of what I could do to the galaxy if, say, someone gave me a Sabre BPO ~gratis~.

    Yet there is a good chance that this is simply the usual raw CCP coding incompetence that we have come to know and love over the years. While we wait for CCP to investigate and conclude 'hey welp sorry our game is coded sloppily, ha ha, let's remove jump bridges too!!!', I ask you to grit your teeth and remember that This Is Why We Fight. Our ancient foe has now shown their true colors, and it is for this reason - the loud bleating about their superiority as humans backed up by either outright cheating or 'subtle' coincidences in their favor.

    I was of a mind to pause after 6VDT and gauge its impact upon the enemy, but let us dispense with that. Our 'innocent' foe has announced their next breakout attempt at 19:00 eve; Let us show them what we think about them, and make their op and experience fraught with suffering and frustration. No mercy, no respite.

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