Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clown Lockdown

This is how a null sec station looks when things get very serious. We have camped IT into their staging station, and the plan is to keep up 24/7 blockade until we own the station and system.

The Fountain war has been on for weeks now, with IT successfully halting our initial push but unable to take back their two lost stations. Setting up timers for downtime was a good strategy against the US heavy CF coalition. The brilliance of scheduling a secret massive op starting during the State of the Goonion address was a great move. We have managed to kill IT's attempts to break out of their station so far. While nothing is certain until we own the station, I am very happy that our tacticians came up with this plan.

Blockading a system like this is very good for participation. It is so easy to log out at a POS and then log back in and jump into the fleet at a moment's notice. There is no lag time finding a fleet, looking for a fight, etc. In this case, if IT doesn't bring a fight, we win their staging system. If they do bring it, we get to see who will win in a full on head to head battle. It ain't over till the fat lady loses her station.

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