Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fountain Update

IT keeps dropping SBUs. We keep happily shooting them, tabulating the ISK they are wasting in the process, which is substantial. If we can take the station in 9R4-EJ, the Deklein coalition will be in control of the eastern 30% of Fountain. With luck, IT will spam SBUs in that system as well, giving us more easy killmails.

We haven't seen the IT Supercaps much, likely because the NC has had cap fleets organized to fight Pandemic Legion who could happily be diverted with a few jumps to kill IT capitals. BFF!

In addition to threatening to attack Goons at Fanfest in the flesh (classy move, IT), IT coms are full of complaints that they are fighting "ALL of EVE!!!" We are certainly glad that IT is fighting ALL of us.

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