Monday, October 5, 2009

Mining Newb!

I have been sick, and wasn't really feeling up to tangling with Sleepers in a Myrmidon today. Micromanaging drones can get old fast, and I didn't have the energy for that.

I decided to grab a Corp Retreiver that I recently trained for, but have never used, and check out the Grav site I scanned today in our Wormhole.

Things were fairly quiet, with a brief diversion of scanning down a Probe who was in checking out our system. In abscence of Corp mates I snuck up in my Helios and made a book mark at 6000m and then warped back to the POS to grab my Ishkur. Unfortunately, this guy wasn't a dummy and he noticed that I was on the way and warped away before I got there. If only a Corp mate had been around to grab a point by warping to my hidden location!

My initial foray into mining was marred by losing a half jet can of ore during my hunt for our invader. I didn't realize there was a timer on jet cans! (total newb move!). Overall, the evening was pleasant and relaxing. The nice thing about being in a WH is that you also never know when you might get the chance to shoot someone!

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