Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yes, mining itself is boring. Mining in WH space adds a few dimensions as you have to spam the directional to stay safe. Today, we found a grav site with an electrical storm which would hit the Retriever for 500 shield or about 280 Armor every minute or so. That added an extra wrinkle, and I had to slap an armor rep and PDS on the Retriever to keep the Arkonor flowing smoothly.

I really don't love the extra micromanaging, as I actually enjoy being able to chat and browse the intertubes (New Eden, COSMOS, NeoCom?) while mining. Hopefully, I won't forget the directional scanner too long and get ganked!

Based on Kename Fin's Ore list, each Retriever hold of Arkonor equals 757,580 ISK. Filling a jet can yields 10,416,666 ISK. Of course, one trick to dealing with mining in a WH, is that you need to refine the ore at the POS and just ship the high end materials back to high sec.

I am counting on these Grav sites being profitable enough to finance a shiny Drake for my future Sleeper hunting. Until I get the Drake flying, I am focusing more on mining than hunting Sleepers for income...

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