Friday, December 19, 2008

Budding mogul, or the pains of EVE newbishness

Diving into EVE is very challenging due to the way CCP designed the skill progression.  While I am slogging away at my learning skills, I have also learned enough about the game to now have a sense of what I NEED to be able to play more efficiently.

I have realized the possibilities of trading on the markets as a way to maximize profits.  Of course, now I need to train new skills so I can have more than 5 open trades at once.  I also need new skills so I can pilot my frigates more effectively.

I am holding my edge on a slippery slope.  If I give in and keep cheating on skills at the expense of learning skills, I will be less effective in the long run.  It would, however, be much more instantly gratifying to work on more of these support skills.  My immediate compromise has been to train some of the needed skills to 1 or 2, while returning to the Learning skills for the bulk of my current development.

LOTRO MoM was supposed to save me from this issue, as I was planning to be playing it as my main game while I trained up the basics in EVE.  While MoM is very awesome, I have been finding EVE irresistible lately.  I think this is mainly because I have always played LOTRO with Sedona, who is currently binging on DDO and not available to hang out with me in Middle Earth.  

As the strength of MMO's lies in the social aspect for me, without my favorite gaming buddy even an excellent game may be less captivating. It is amazing how much the "regular crowd" impacts the fun level of an MMO.  Since I have less expectation of playing EVE with Sedona, it has been a good place to spend time on my own.  Hopefully, I will establish corp membership in the next few weeks as well and start making some new online friends!  I hear that corp life opens up new dimensions in EVE's gameplay.


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  2. I think what you're lacking is focus. You need to mark goals and stick to them. Pick what you feel is more important between your current goals (learning, trade, core skills) and give your self a goal single accomplishable goal (like all beginner learning skills to 4). After you finish that goal move to the next one.

    The beginning stuff will pull you in all directions otherwise.

  3. Derkin speaks the truth. Also I don't know if you've used it yet but EVEMon is a great tool found here:

    P.S. I added you to my adressbook and when I looked at you I realized that we both look eeriely similar... Possibly twins hahahaha! But enjoy your stay in EVE. If you stick with it, it will promise a wild ride.

  4. My take on learning skills: Yep in the long run they are soso important. But dont' let them side track you to the detriment of progression in skills that will serve you better immediately. Salvaging is an example of this. It's actually more valuable to a newbie than learning skills due to the massive boost in income it can generate.