Friday, December 19, 2008


I am a true NEWB, and have taken this license to experiment with awful fits. In this spirit, I present the Iteronator which I have dubbed "GetRichSlowly!!!"

This is an Itty I with a mining turret, a civilian shield, a named survey scanner, and a power diagnostics unit. I also had an extra damage control module that I added, but it cannot run and keep the Iteronator cap stable with my current skills.

This terrible construction is highly inefficient but highly effective in my current use. I noticed with a Navitas that I was constantly having to run back to the station to empty the hold, and I didn't want to go to the trouble to jet-can and pick up with an Itty, or use a GSC.

My current system involves identifying a big asteroid, orbiting, and munching on the minerals. I leave the civilian shield running, which is able to tank 2 Serpentis rats at once. I can see my computer screen from the living room while hanging out with my wife, and so I just leave the Iteronator "GetRichSlowly!!!" chomping on an asteroid while I do other things. I do have to keep an eye out for times when more than 2 rats decide to ruin my profits!

I am sure that I could soon upgrade to a better mining method, but this is helping turn downtime into profits with minimal attention! (My inspiration for this method came from hearing about Chribba's Veldnaught.)


  1. Ahhh... This reminds me of the times when I mined in an Itty 2. It seems like a good idea for a while but it grows old really fast. But if it works for you then more power to ya!

  2. As an update, the damage control unit is running at stable cap. I am not sure about the ultimate effectiveness of this setup, as I just came back to my system and found my itty was almost into structure. I guess there are occasional rat spawns in 0.7 space that my Iteronator cannot tank! On the other hand, I now have about 5 Itty loads of ore up on the market, and should make a big chunk of change when they sell!