Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taranis love

Last night we had a fun roam chasing reds in Pure Blind. In one engagement, my Taranis got targeted by a fistful of Zealots and Vagabonds. Luckily they were out of scram or web range. I was able to punch the MWD while aligning to a planet. Warping out with a sliver of structure feels so good!

Having lost T1 frigates in similar circumstances, the increased survivability with a T2 frig is significant. The Taranis in particular does well with a Damage Control tank plus speed. I prefer the dual prop fitting, but was carrying a web last night to be more helpful to the gang. Given the proliferation of HACS in 0.0, the range of initial engagement is usually past scram reach. When I grab tackle I expect to be hit with a web, but it often doesn't matter because my gang will be laying down serious hurt soon after!

I can't wait for the next fight!

(Pic link grabbed from fleet chat after lemming behavior, I am unable to credit maker, please drop me a comment if you know who made it.)

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