Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T20 Redux!

CCP has yet again betrayed inside ties to BOB/IT by removing 14 TCUs onlined by TEST Alliance Please Ignore in Delve.

The official response was that CCP considered onlining TCUs before the update downtime to be an exploit. The problem is that TCUs were also onlined and reportedly allowed to remain in multiple other systems throughout New Eden. (not yet verified, but may include: K76A-3, G-73MR, 5KG-PY, H-29TM, NH-IX6.)

This is yet another example of CCP favoritism towards IT. To disable some TCUs as an exploit while letting others progress is concerning. Showing another round of IT favoritism after the crushing T20 debacle is serious business!

Maybe in addition to the CSM (placed after the T20 incident to restore trust), we need a player run organization, "Shouldn't Help IT, CCP" to restore trust and a level playing field for all.

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