Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More CCP fail.

Just in case you needed another example of how CCP neglects the community of veteran players in their constant tilting at new player windmills, Capsuleer is being shelved by its devs.

To sum it up, CCP would have to give a license to the Capsuleer app to allow them to sell the app in the App store. CCP could set up a revenue sharing model so everyone benefits. Sadly, they are too busy "building" Duke Nukem ambulating in space to spend the 10 seconds to brainstorm on setting up a revenue sharing license with 3rd party apps. It is seriously as simple as calling their lawyer and saying "draw up a revenue sharing license for 3rd party apps" and paying the lawyer for a few hours work.

Other very amazing 3rd party tools such as Eve Metrics have also had development hampered because of the inability to self support development through revenue generation.

I think CCP management needs a shake up. They are so out of touch it is painful to watch.

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