Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can't buy me love.

Massively recapped the current forum drama about EVE and microtransactions. Apparently, this is a scary thing for many EVE players judging from some of the painful comments.

I really don't understand what the issue is. Currently, you can buy an account with ISK from PLEX which essentially allows you to pay to rapidly advance a pilot for something like a FOTM Supercarrier. You can also buy the supercap with ISK from selling PLEX.

I think CCP should cash in by selling a few million SP for a PLEX. They could use the extra money to fix lag or work on Duke Nukem Incarnate. Instead of being forced to buy some other player's ugly portrait, allow us to rapidly advance the toon we are connected with personally.

To all the whiners who complain about allowing people to use money to get ahead, please refer to the above paragraph explaining that you can currently buy an advanced account with ISK from PLEX and pimp said account out with ships and faction mods purchased with PLEX ISK. This is also very good for the game as it allows hardcore gamers with more time than money to finance their game play by buying PLEX with their hard earned ISK.

RMT is already a huge factor in EVE. Heads out of the sand! If you need to rage quit because I burst your "I earned it, don't let others buy their way in" bubble, please send me your stuff.

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