Monday, January 11, 2010

Plex time

EVE provided an amazing weekend for me in 0.0.  My corpmates had found a 10/10 plex site in our home system, but no-one online had been able to scan it fully down.  I tried in my trusty rigged, Sister's fitted Helios, but was stymied as I carry Sister's Combat probes, which only go down to 0.5AU.  (Incidentally, in months of living in a WH, I never had a problem locking 100% on a sig with my Sister's combat probes.)  Luckily, a corpmate loaned me some Sister's core probes and I eventually locked the site down to bookmark. Scanning a 10/10 plex is not an easy process, it makes me think it would be worth taking Astrometric Pinpointing and Rangefinding up to 4 or even 5.
After assembling a crew of Battleships with a Raven tank and multiple RR Domis, including mine, we started clearing the Plex.  CCP must have had an entertaining chuckle when they designed this particular plex.  From the warp in, we were about 100Km away from the first gate.  In PVE ships without propulsion mods, that is a slow haul.  We moved while clearing the room, which while slow wouldn't have been too bad. 
Unfortunately, a red fleet spiked into our system and we all had to warp back to the POS to prevent getting scanned down and ganked.  When the fleet moved on, we warped back to the plex and began slowboating back to the gate.  We made it to the third room and were 1/2 done there when the enemy fleet came back for blood.  This time, our PVP forces were activated and a general CTA was given to help camp a gate.  This meant that we BS mission runners had to warp over to the gate and join with our PVP fitted brethren.  While PVE fitted ships are not terribly effective, the extra firepower from 4 BS is always helpful in a close fight.  Just the drones from 2 Domis can do some serious damage.  The enemy fleet quickly left to find less defended hunting grounds, and we once again got ready to warp back to finish the plex.
Slogging through the gates twice before had been brutal, so we stopped at the POS and fitted afterburners to make the return trip slightly less painful.  While this weakened our tanking abilities a little, it seemed like a reasonable risk to avoid slowboating back to the last room.
Our time investment paid off greatly when we finished the plex.  My cut of the profits, not counting looting or salvaging came to over 500 million Isk!  That will keep me in PVP ships for quite awhile as long as I stick to Brutix or smaller T1 hulls.

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