Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goons Gone!

The 0.0 political game is getting truly insane! Fortress Delve is no longer Goony. IT is sweeping into Delve after Sov bills were not paid by GoonSwarm. -A- is taking over swathes of Querious. Systematic Chaos is moving on Period Basis.

Everyone is waiting to see where Goons set their sights after they regroup in Syndicate. If they decide to amuse themselves with another high sec jihad, it will likely even eclipse Hulkageddon!

The churn seems to be accelerating. I am enthralled by the ripples of complexity as human behavior is channeled into metagaming and exploding internet spaceships! Dominion lag is a downer, but I am overall delighted by the cataclysmic shake up out in null-sec.

A Machiavellian toast to War, Profits, Pew, and Politics!

1 comment:

  1. They might do a hi-sec jihad, but my money is on this scenario:

    The Goons sit in Syndicate, possibly recruiting to recoup any post-evac personnel losses. While Syndicate is 0.0, they cannot claim sovereignty there, so once they settle in and crank their industrialists back up and get some POS' in place to mine moon goo, they'll be able to focus their economy entirely on building up war stocks and replacing lost ships - especially given that many of their capitals are currently trapped in what's now hostile space. We may see a Goon-led jihad in hi-sec in order to keep themselves amused - especially if Helicity Boson starts Hulkageddon III - and Syndicate likely will become hell on earth for any neutral passing through, as the Goons will also be looking to keep their edge in PVP and will be looking to train new recruits in their tactics and standard operating procedures. Come late summer or possibly early fall, the Goons will likely be looking to make a move, and if they're smart, they'll kick things off by attacking Fountain, via Open Ring, as opposed to marching on Delve. Attacking Fountain brings multiple advantages; they won't be having to fight both IT Alliance, AAA, Sys-K, and whatever other allies they bring on multiple fronts. In fact, at least at first, IT may well be their only opposition as it's debatable whether or not AAA, Sys-K, and the allies from that region will be able to mount operations in Fountain. In addition, Fountain is a fairly valuable region in terms of economics, and would provide a good jumping-off point to attack into Delve.

    Just my two ISK, anyway.