Monday, August 23, 2010

The Naked Emperor

Having started my 0.0 time as an Atlas renter, it is very interesting to watch their Empire crumble away. Given the potential upsides of rental situations to landlord and tenant, I was surprised to see how terrible Atlas treated their tenants during my time in the southeast.

Whenever Atlas pilots were around, they made it very clear that renters were nothing but stupid annoyances unworthy of any basic respect. Atlas acted like they couldn't be bothered to defend such worthless noobs when the PL and RUS train came rolling. Looking back, it is clear that Atlas had internally decomposed to the point that they couldn't actually serve as liege or protector. Their leadership didn't care about the renters, but they also didn't care about their Empire.

It will be interesting to see if they can hold onto "Fortress Omist" under pressure.

Null sec holds so much promise for all types of pilots if decent leadership can shepherd a situation that allows a balanced ecosystem to flourish. Atlas has demonstrated very well how not to administer a 0.0 empire.

Despite the never ending criticism leveled at the NC, they are at least respectful to their members. Their model outlasted the recent invasion by Atlas and friends. It will be fun to watch how things develop in the future as the Russian incursion plays out. BFF!

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