Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elite PVP Battle report!

If you enjoy reading elite PVP EVE blogs, move on along. I am slowly learning some PVP ropes, and today I aquired several burns!

We had a big CTA because of the Goon's new Eastern focus. It was fun to see over a hundred ships assembling in a fleet. The lag really is amazingly problematic, even with just 150 ships or so. I really hope CCP is working hard on fixing that!

We moved into position and camped some strategic gates while the big brains developed a strategy for the battles of the day. When the first big fight happened, I was about the third pilot targeted. I asked for logistics but my buffer Brutix evaporated in a few seconds from the concentrated DPS of dozens of Battleships. With the lag, there was no time for a Logi pilot to get me locked!

I flew my Pod though seriously red Goon infested space, bouncing off planets to dodge the blood thirsty enemies. I managed to make it 4 jumps to an NPC station in Curse with an Atron available. Sadly, that station had no useful mods, so I had to fly "naked" without any mods another 3 jumps to a station with some basic mods to get me back in the fight. Each time I loaded a system it took from 30 seconds to a few minutes to load. Miraculously, I got the Atron into our engagement system to try to help tackle. I rarely fly Atrons, preferring Ishkurs or Incursus', and I was not a ton of help as the engagement was at sniping ranges. I orbited our logistics, hoping to at least be helpful if an interceptor came in close.

We fell back to another system and assembled at a gate to await reinforcements. We were hanging at the gate when BOOM! - I got killed by Goon bombers for the first time! I doubt it is the last time I'll get smoked by a Goonie... They got my POD with a subsequent bomb about a second later. I then realized that I was out in my main clone with all Level 4 implants...

To really make the day awesome, I later tried to help a local pilot in our homespace who was being attacked by a Curse, Vagabond, and Malediction. I warped in with my Ishkur, and got to experience the serious pain of being Neuted to the point of having no cap, no mods, and being unable to warp out while the enemies leisurely take their time shooting you. It was great fun, and I learned to avoid Curses like the plague without some serious backup. (I did have some backup, but no ECM or logistics.)

In short, I got seriously creamed today, 3 times! It was great fun. The PVP is hooking me deeply, but if you see me coming, I wouldn't worry too much -- YET!

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