Sunday, January 11, 2009


This post will be a resource for any brave souls who wish to venture into the world of New Eden. Having spent many hours reading up on EVE, I want to create a repository of helpful information to smooth out the steep learning curve that an MMO of EVE's complexity presents.

The first stop in EVE education is the official EVE Online Player Guide. This is a good introduction to game concepts in EVE, but it does not go into specific enough depth to be more than a starter orientation guide.

The next step is to download BattleClinic's EVE New Player Guide.

BattleClinic is a great resource for players with discussions on ship loadouts, and a level 1 mission guide.

While at Battleclinic, be sure and download EVE Mon, an essential tool for planning and managing skill training.  (If only CCP would allow a skill queue...)

Tanking 101

Check out for great overviews of ships and modules plus helpful guides.

My goal is to keep updating this post as I find new information.  Please comment on any other essentials I have missed.

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  1. Thanks for the linking bro :) CK has somethign similar over at his site too :), every little bit helps I say!

    Nice job and great links.